Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Month 2

Every Tuesday I am going to tell you about my progress and what I have been doing for the week to stay on track of what I want to accomplish. Since I started this journey back in January I want to catch you up so I can tell you exactly what I am doing now.

The month of January I was super motivated and started to go to the gym regularly and was eating healthy. So I was able to lose 20 pounds and feel better to move around and doing the small things.

I am striving to keep my goals and looking for a brighter future. It helps when you have a GREAT support system. My number one supporter has been my husband. He has helped me through the ups and the downs.

These pictures have been taken in the early morning so I have the best hair. (kidding) I just wanted to have a picture taken of my whole body of side and profile.My husband leaves at 7 am every morning I needed my pictures taken by him. So this is what you get. Ü  I know my first month was going to be a little easier in having the weight fall off since I was changing my habits. Keeping to the habits has always been better for me.

Want to know my actual weigh follow me on instagram where I will show you exclusive pictures of my weigh loss journey. @cami_abrightforce

This month my main focus was eating healthy. Clean eating is what I have been doing. I wake up and eat either egg whites or greek yogurt. After I take the kids to school I go to the gym and exercise. After my exercise I have a protein shake that is low in carbs. but his in protein. For lunch I eat a salad with a variety of vegetable. For a afternoon snack I have either almonds or celery and dinner I usually have chicken.