Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Month 1


 How Did I let myself get so fat?

    This question has hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in denial. I just thought I was a little bit larger and in the mirror I didn't see any problem. I didn't see myself that it took the wind out of me when I climbed up the stairs. I didn't think I was unhealthy. I did some exercise and I ate what I wanted so why am I this big? I used to be fit when I was in high school. I played 3 sports during the school year and then had many camps in the summertime. I never really had to think about staying fit because I was constantly exercising and also eating what I wanted.

    In 2005, I was blessed with my first son. It was such a blissful time. I did gain over 75 pounds and vowed that if I had more kids I would watch more careful at what I ate. Because of my history growing up I thought if I exercised then I would be healthy. I would eat whatever I wanted. WRONG! I worked hard and got down 20 pounds from my goal weight. I was so excised. This is when I found out I was pregnant again.

   When I was pregnant with my twins, I was healthier and was able to bounce back to normal quickly. I had in my mind set that if I wouldn't have exercised so much I would have not had my twins so early (29 week 6 days) So I was on another mission to get my health in order. I got with in 25 pounds of my goal weight. I was happy and we were currently building our first home.

   I didn't think I would become pregnant so quickly after the twin but, I was blessed with my first daughter in 2010. I did my cycle again and got back down to within 40 pounds of my goal weight. I never quite got all of it off. I was finally blessed with my 2nd daughter and our 5th child in Sept. 2013. I am now on a mission to make it to my goal weight and become more healthy while I am at it.
The holidays came and this is the weight I found myself looking at the scale. That being said, it did make me think. Why? Why? WHY? did I let myself get so overweight? I never thought that I was of no worth. I have always believed that I was a daughter of God.

Did I ever let my weight define my self worth?

   In society you are only worth how thin you are. I have not once thought I need to be thin to fit in. I have always known I was a daughter of God. I always thought myself to be a pretty and happy person. I tried not to be conceded about it. I just knew I wanted to become healthy. I want to reach goals that could only be done if I changed my habits.

   First, I saw a daughter of God. Second, I saw someone who wanted to be healthier. Third, I set the goal to make a difference and achieve my goal.

Why now?

  Why not? I have always been considered over-weight my whole life. Now I have gone to far I now obese and if I continue with this cycle I my very well end up young and sick. I don't want that for myself or my family. I want to be as healthy and happy as I can be.

What was my turning point?

   When I looked in my closet and none of my 'fat clothes' fit me any more they were too small. I knew I need to change and I needed to change NOW! I never thought negative thought about my body because I know it was a gift from God. I was thinking how am I treating my gift. If someone gave you a gift that is so precious and glorious What would you do with that gift? How would you treat it? Are you doing the best to keep your gift safe?

This is my first picture of my weight loss journey. Yes, I am afraid and ashamed to admit that I am indeed 250 pounds. But, I don’t think I would get the respect if I didn’t be true to myself. I am VERY self cautious about putting my large self out there. I want you to know that we are not only. I know we can do this together. Come cheer me on as I take this journey from flab to fit! My main focus is to become healthier for my family. I know I can do it. So here we go.

Come follow me as I am going to make 4 running goals to accomplish
-Run a 5k
-Run a 10k
-Run a Half Marathon
-Run a Marathon