Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Time: FREE Project Life Cards

Are you ready for spring? 

 I think I am ready? I am ready to get started with this journey that I have been taking if you don't know what I am talking about I am sharing my story about losing weight and getting healthy. I even posted my before pictures in all its glory. You can even find my weight picture on instagram.

 Spring is about more than the weather, though that’s a lot to do with it. We all get that feeling winter has finally, definitely lost its grip and won’t be back for seven months.

Don’t get me wrong. I like winter. I like scarves and building a snowman with the kids and all that.

But an English spring is soft and warm and sharp like cider. It’s about the promise of good things to come.It’s about confidently putting the big coats and the boots back in the wardrobe, about cleaning last year’s grime off the barbecue and other acts of optimism.
Unlike the Budget or the Eurovision song contest or other similar annual occurrences, the coming of spring doesn’t depress you or make you wonder where the year’s gone.
It simply makes you cheerful about where it’s going.

Spring brings NEW life. and this is why I am excited to celebrate.

Here is a new Project Life Spring freebie that I have made. I love these and hope you can find some way to use them as you persevere your memories. I would love to see layouts just use the #abrightforcePL and you never know if you might get a another freebie from me. Enjoy.